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Around 250 babies and toddlers still die every year of SIDS or SUDC, in the UK. Research has shown that several parental and infant care factors are more frequently associated with babies who die of SIDS, than with those who survive. There is no advice that guarantees the prevention of SIDS or SUDC but parents should be informed that by following the safer sleep advice, it is possible to significantly lower the chance of this tragedy occurring.

Parents make decisions on safe baby care, for example about where to sleep their new baby and what bedding to buy, at different times. Therefore it is vitally important for midwives and other professionals working with parents during pregnancy to target parents with our safer sleep message. This advice should be followed up by the midwife after the birth, and again by the health visitor in the early weeks of the baby’s life. It is essential that all professionals in touch with parents and visiting the family home make sure that the messages are understood by them, and do not assume that someone else has already offered leaflets, etc.

Our aim is to provide you with the tools to help you get this sensitive message across in a clear and accessible way.

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If you would be interested in training for yourself or a group of colleagues on SIDS and the current safer sleep advice see our training pages.

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