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Children over 12 months of age

The vast majority of babies who die suddenly and unexpectedly are under six months old. However, every year a very small number of older babies and young children also die suddenly and unexpectedly. As deaths in children over the age of one are not always classified as ‘SIDS’ it can be more difficult to gather exact numbers. In 2013, data from the Office for National Statistics suggested 18 children between the ages of 12 and 24 months died without a cause of death.

Research on deaths in this age group is more limited than that in younger babies. The Lullaby Trust has been looking to fund and facilitate more research in this area since 2015. Two current studies funded by the Lullaby Trust are ongoing that are considering deaths in children over 12 months of age, and more details are available on our current research page.

Due to the rarity of deaths in this age group, the Lullaby Trust understands that collaborative efforts will be vital and we are therefore dedicated to working with the SUDC Foundation to support such initiatives.

In March 2016, we held a Research Update event to consider the research on over-ones that is currently available. Some of the presentations from speakers are available below:

Neil Sebire presentation

Anna Pease presentation

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