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Care of Next Infant (CONI)

It is common for parents with young babies to worry about the possibility of sudden infant death. When a family has already suffered this tragedy it is inevitable that the next pregnancies and first few months of subsequent babies’ lives will be a time of both joy and anxiety.

Experience has suggested that informed professional support during this time helps to alleviate anxiety and is of value in ensuring appropriate care for the new baby.

Our aim is that every family, who have had a sudden infant death, should receive adequate support with a subsequent baby. The CONI (Care of the Next Infant) programme exists to help NHS community health and hospital services provide integrated care and support for these families. 

The programme is a collaboration between the Lullaby Trust and the NHS; the clinical care of the baby and the family remain the responsibility of the local health service, while we fund the central services, provide training, information and advice packs as well as conducting national audit.

The core elements of the programme are regular contacts with a health visitor, symptom diaries, weight charts and apnoea (movement) monitors.

CONI PLUS offers similar help to other families who may have special reason to be anxious about their baby. They may, for example:

  • be close relatives of a baby that has suffered a sudden infant death
  • have lost a baby to causes other than sudden infant death 
  • have a baby who has experienced an apparent life threatening event 



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