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The Lullaby Trust Baby Check app was developed in partnership between Birmingham Community Healthcare and The Lullaby Trust.

Following on from the success of The Lullaby Trust’s Baby Check booklet, this app has been designed to help parents decide whether their baby needs a doctor. Baby Check contains 19 simple checks which test for different symptoms or signs of illness.

Each check has a score, the higher the score the sicker the baby is likely to be. The app automatically adds up the score to help parents decide whether their baby needs a doctor.

This app is free of charge and is available on Google Play and on the App Store.

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How does it work?

Parents will be taken through a series of checks, including yes or no and multiple choice questions, relating to their baby’s health. Checks include difficulty breathing in, vomiting, temperature and drowsiness. 

On completion, the parent will be given a score: 0-7 suggests the baby is a little unwell and may not need medical attention; 8-12 means the baby is unwell and the parent may wish to consult a doctor; 13-19 indicates the baby is ill and the parent should contact the doctor; 20+ means the baby is seriously ill and must be seen straight away by a medical professional.

If at any point during the checks, the score reaches 20, the parents will be directed to seek urgent medical attention.

The research behind the app

Baby Check was developed from a four-year project which analysed the signs and symptoms of illness in over 1,000 babies under six months of age. There were 300 well babies at home and 700 babies in hospital with a variety of illnesses. All signs and symptoms were analysed to find the combination which could be used to assess the severity of a baby’s illness with the most accuracy. The 19 signs and symptoms now used in Baby Check were found to give the most accurate assessment. 

The accuracy and acceptability of Baby Check has been tested in several field trials.The research was undertaken in the Dept. Paediatrics, University of Cambridge; MRC Dunn Nutrition Laboratory, Cambridge; Dept. of General Paediatrics, Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne Australia. 

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